Google - How to check for errors in your Google Merchant Account

It is very important for to check for errors in your Google Merchant Center Account on a regular basis. If you find error or warning messages, your products will most likely not appear in the Google feed. There are three places in you Google Merchant Account where you can check for errors and/or warnings for data feeds:

1. Errors and Warnings

  • Log in to Google Merchant Center. Click on the Display Name of your store from the Accounts tab, if you have a multi-client account.
  • Click on the Data Feeds tab.
  • Click on the View Errors link in the Status column, if available.
  • On the Feed Status Summary page, click on the Download Feed Errors link, if available.

Item errors and warnings are updated typically within a couple hours of running a submission to upload the data feed file.

2. Disapproved Items

  • Click on the Products tab (it may be slow to load).
  • Select Inactive from the Status drop-down to see any disapproved items. These items will have a red icon (circle with a slash) to indicate that they are disapproved.
  • Click on the Title of an item to see the item details, including the reason for disapproval.

If there is no specific reason, you must contact Google using the disapproved items contact form for clarification.
Disapproval status is typically updated within a few hours of running a submission.

3. Data Quality

  • Click on the Data Quality tab to see additional warnings and errors.
  • The Data Quality analysis is automatically updated by Google once every 24 to 48 hours. Check the last analysis run date to see when it was last updated.

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