Indentifier exists - Google feed - how to change

 How do I change the identifier exists notation in my Google feed?

Our system defaults your identifier exists value to TRUE for your products. If you have items which require a UPC code and you do not provide a UPC value in your Yahoo store, then you need to create a custom property in your catalog manager called "google-identifier-exists" (type: text) and insert the value "FALSE" in there.

Google requires BRAND, and MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER, or UPC for all products. Some products such as cd's and other recorded media REQUIRE a upc code. Other products such as books REQUIRE an ISBN number. If you have these kinds of items and don't provide a UPC or ISBN value, then you either need to exclude the items from the Google feed or you need to mark your items with a custom property called "google-identifier-exists" and key in "FALSE" for that property.

Create the custom property called "google-identifier-exists" in your Yahoo catalog manager (type: text).

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