Data Feed Service Comparison

Yahoo Commerce Central (Lexity) has some new applications and services, including one for data feeds.  The application supports seven feeds; Google Shopping, TheFind,, Shopzilla, Pricegrabber, Nextag and Amazon. These are all paid data feeds (you have to set up a paid merchant account for each) except for TheFind.

The advertised price starts at $9 per month (except Google Shopping, detailed below).  It is important to know this price applies only to small stores with less than 100 products.  The monthly charge increases significantly with more products.  This charge is in addition to the paid merchant accounts you need to set up.

100-1,000 products - $19/month

1,000 – 10,000 products - $29/month

More than 10,000 - $39/month

In contrast, The Feed Wizards supports more than 130 shopping data feeds. The Feed Wizards service includes data and hosted images.  The Feed Wizards pulls and sends more complete data to your shopping engines in a format that meets each engine’s specifications. 

The Feed Wizards service starts at $19.95/month for any store with up to 10,000 products.  After that, it is $2.50 per 5,000 additional items.  Additional feeds are $9.95/month per feed.

Another option is establishing 3 feeds for a set price of $39.95/month, stores with more than 10,000 products add $5.00 per 5,000 additional items.

Merchants are able to monitor and manage their service in the Feed Wizards Dashboard, and when support is needed, Your Store Wizards are ready to help.