How do I set up my Bing Shopping account?

2. Log in to your AdCenter account and click the "TOOLS" tab on the top right of the page.

3. Click on "Bing Shopping Account Management" link under "Management Tools" section.

4. Click on "Store Settings" in the top navigation bar, and fill out your store's information and upload a logo. Be sure that the logo satisfies Bing's image requirements and save the page.

5. Click on "Catalog Management" tab and set your Feed Format to "Bing Shopping" and set how to provide Feed Files as "Merchant Upload".

6. Save feed filename as "bingshopping" without any extension.

7. Click on "FTP Settings" tab.

8. Set your FTP user name and FTP password. Make note of these because we need them to send your feed. (If you ever need to change your FTP login or password, be sure to let us know so we can adjust our system.

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