Magic Edit: Report a Bug or Request a Feature

Find a bug? Now let's get it squashed!

We acknowledge that all software, including ours, can have bugs, and we greatly appreciate your help in identifying any in Magic Edit. Your effort in spotting and reporting these issues plays a vital role in enhancing our tool's quality and reliability.

Please take a moment to email your bug report to and include information such as your browser version, operating system, steps to replicate the issue, and a screenshot if possible.

We take all bug reports seriously and commit to working quickly on a resolution. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us continuously improve and provide the best tool possible.

Have an idea to make Magic Edit even better? Let us know!

We are always looking to improve Magic Edit, and your input is crucial to its enhancement. If you have ideas for new features or improvements, we would be thrilled to hear from you.

Please share your feature requests by emailing us at In your email, describe your proposed features or improvements in detail and be sure to include what platform you're referencing.

We value your suggestions and consider each one carefully, as they help us to evolve and better meet your needs. Your insights and feedback are instrumental in shaping the future of Magic Edit, and we look forward to hearing your innovative ideas.

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