Minimum Order Enforcer: App Settings

Minimum Order Enforcer is easy to set up right from the back end of your BigCommerce Store:

  1. Go to Storefront | My Themes
  2. Click Customize
  3. Click the artist’s pallet icon in Page Builder and click on YSW Settings

To turn on MOE:

  1. Click “Enable Wholesale Customer Restriction
  2. In “Customer Group & IDs & Minimum Amount” simply enter the Customer Group ID (see instructions for locating below), followed by a colon (:), followed by the order minimum.  Multiples can be separated by a comma.
  3. In “Restriction Title” enter customer-friendly wording that will be used as the header text in the checkout warning if the threshold is not met.
  4. In “Restriction Message” enter a friendly note to your customer letting them know they need to reach their minimum in order to checkout and qualify for their pricing.
  5. In “Restriction Button Text” enter what the continue button will display.  In most cases, this is left as the default “Keep Shopping.”

Be sure to X out the YSW Settings window, save, and publish your changes! 

To find the Customer Group ID:

  1. Go to Customers | Customer Groups
  2. Click on the Customer Group
  3. Look in your browser’s URL bar to locate the Customer Group Number which is located here in this example: The bold number 5 in this URL is the Customer Group Number.

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