Custom Field Populator: Installation Instructions

Custom Field Populator is installed via the BigCommerce App Store. Before installing, please make sure your BigCommerce User ID has permission to install apps.

Once added to your BigCommerce store, click on Install.

The next screen will ask you to confirm the access that Back In Stock Wizard will have to your BigCommerce Store:

Click Confirm to continue.

Step 1: Bigcommerce requires all custom fields to have a value associated with them, even if it’s blank, which is why we recommend having our setup wizard set a blank space as the default value, unless you have a specific value you would like to use.

By simply clicking “next” Custom Field Populator will automatically set the default value as a blank space. You can add default values to all your custom fields later on.

Step 2:  Custom Field Manager uses “custom field groups” to allow you to select certain custom fields that can be applied to groups of items rather than all.

For example, if you sell products that are required to have a California Proposition 65 notice placed on the item page. You can create a custom field group that contains the Prop 65 custom field as well as any other custom fields you use and apply that group only to products subject to Prop 65 notification.

To complete this step, we recommend that you only select custom fields that are global across all items in your store.

Next, select whether or not you want Custom Field Populator to automatically add the custom fields in the default group to all new items you create, or if you want to add them manually when you create a new item.

To continue, click “Next” or if you don’t want to complete this step at all click “Skip.”

Step 3: Enter your contact and credit card information and submit.

Step 4: Success! Custom Field Populator is now installed in your store!

Continue on to the dashboard to begin managing your custom fields.

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