URL Redirect Uploader

This tool allows you to upload 301 redirects in bulk to your BigCommerce store.  

To use this tool, you must first create a .csv file that contains two columns, a From and To.  

Step 1:

Click on URL Redirect Uploader.

Step 2: Upload

If your BigCommerce store has enabled Multi-Storefront enabled, you'll need to select your site from the Select Store Front dropdown.  If you do not have Multi-Storefront, this option will not appear.

Select the .csv file you created with your redirects in it, and click Next.

Step 3: Map Columns

Map the columns in your .csv file to the appropriate fields, then click Next.

Step 4: Email Notification

By default, Your Store Tools will email you when your import is complete.  If you choose to receive this notification, verify your email address is correct before clicking Submit.

Step 5: Progress and Notification

The status of your import can be viewed on the progress bar of the tool’s tile in the dashboard.  It will automatically disappear once the process is complete.

Once your job is complete, you will receive a notification either by email or in the Your Store Tools Notification Center, which is the “bell” in the upper right corner.  

Other Tool Features

To view the history of this tool’s use, click the hamburger menu in the upper right corner of the tool’s tile and select,  History.  

This quick view allows you to:

  • See whether the job was successfully completed or not
  • Process start and end time
  • Retry a specific job that failed

You can also filter results by job status.

URL Redirect Uploader Video: