CopyCat Category Duplicator Theme Adjustments

To set the categories canonical, you'll need to edit your templates/layouts/base.html page within your theme.  You'll need to replace the following which is in the first few lines of your template.  

{{{ head.meta_tags }}}

With the following code

        {{#if page_type '===' 'category'}}
            {{ assignVar "currentCanonical" (first (split (last (split head.meta_tags "link rel='canonical' href='")) "' /><meta name='platform'"))  }}
            {{ assignVar "rawCanonical" (first (split (last (split head.meta_tags 'meta name="keywords" content="')) '"><link')) }}
            {{#contains (getVar "rawCanonical") 'canonical|'}}
                {{ assignVar "canonical" (last (split (getVar "rawCanonical") 'canonical|')) }}
                <!-- Only shows canonical -->
                <link rel='canonical' href='{{{ getVar "canonical" }}}' />
                <!-- Replaces the cateogries current canonical with the meta_keyword canonical -->
                {{#each (split head.meta_tags (getVar "currentCanonical")) ~}}
                    {{#contains this 'canonical' ~}}
                        {{{this}}}{{{ getVar "canonical" }}}
              {{{ head.meta_tags }}}