Back In Stock Wizard: Additional Options

Back In Stock Wizard has additional options and premium add-on modules that are not enabled by default. The settings for these can be accessed by clicking Options from the side menu:

Current additional options include:

  • Notifications to Inventory Percentage: Allows you to control the number of back-in-stock notifications sent based on inventory quantity.

Notifications to Inventory Percentage

By default, Back In Stock Wizard will send all subscribers a notification when an item is back in stock, regardless of available inventory quantity.

This option allows you to specify a percentage of subscribers who will receive a back-in-stock notification based on inventory quantity.

To enable it, click Enable from the option's tile:

Once enabled, click on Settings to set the percentage. For example, if you are adding a quantity of 100 to an out-of-stock item, and there are 200 subscribers, a setting of 100% will only send 100 back-in-stock notifications. A setting of 75% will only send 75 back-in notifications.

Notifications are sent in order of oldest to newest subscribers.

Once your percentage is set, click Save.

You can also disable this option by clicking Disable from this screen, or the option's tile on the Options screen.

Once disabled, Back In Stock Wizard will revert to sending in-stock notifications to all subscribers on a subscription list when inventory is replenished.

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