How to Include and Exclude Items in Your Data Feeds

There are a number of ways to include or exclude products from your Data Feeds, each with distinct benefits or uses depending on how you like to work. Here are step by step what you can do for the different options:

There are two levels of inclusion/exclusion options.

1. Is the rules based system which sets the minimum requirement for products to be included in the feed? Any product that passes the rules will be included in the feed UNLESS they are blocked at an item level.

2. Item level blocks can be done manually (checkboxes in the dashboard), or through uploading lists of product ids through the dashboard, or through our email block system.

By Default ALL items are included in a feed. If you'd rather that NO items are included and you instead want to submit a list of just the items to be sent, simply let the Feed Wizards know (send us your store and which feed) and we'll switch your feed so by default NOTHING will get sent until you add some.

Product Inclusion Rules

In the feed wizards dashboard you can set up rules (most feeds have a few by default) that determine which products make it into your data feed.

To see and modify the rules for any feed:

1. Click on My Stores in the dashboard.
2. Click on a store name.
3. Click on Edit Rules next to the feed you want to modify.

These directions can't go into every possible rule but basically any page that passes ALL rules may be included in the feed. You can add new rules, change rules, or even disable or delete rules (initial rules can be disabled but not deleted). You set each rule and depending on the rule, you may need to load up to 4 parameters. Simply save after adjusting and you're good to go.

Manual Item Level Blocks

To manually add or remove products from a feed, for any items that pass the initial product rules:

1. Go to My Stores.
2. Click on your store name.
3. Click on View Products next to the feed you want to adjust. On this page you can go through the products that have passed the rules, change sorting, etc.
4. To exclude a product simply uncheck the checkbox on the left in the Include column (or check it to include it again).
5. Hit save and you're done.

Uploaded Item Blocks

If you have a lot of items to block from a feed, just create a text file with your item ids (one id per line) and you can upload it.

1. Click on My Stores on the left.
2. Click on the feed.
3. Click on Edit Rules and at the bottom there is a link to Upload Feed Blocks/Inclusion File.
4. Select a file, choose whether it's adding or removing these from the feed, and you can check if it's to overwrite (or otherwise add) to the existing block data.
5. Click upload and it will get processed.

IMPORTANT: Be sure the exclusion list contains ALL the items you want to exclude from any particular feed. Our system replaces the list each time you upload so if you are sending small lists of exclusions, each submission is considered the complete list.

We hope this helps you trim your Yahoo! Store data feeds to include only the products you'd like.

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