Custom Field Populator: How to View All Custom Field Groups

To view all your Custom Field Groups, from the Dashboard click on Custom Field Groups:

From this screen, you can see:

  • Name of each Custom Field Group
  • Search for a specific Custom Field Group
  • See whether the Custom Field Group is enabled or not
    • To enable or disable a Custom Field Group, simply click on the Edit icon and toggle the Would you like this Custom Field Group to automatically create the selected custom fields on new products? to either Yes or No.

  • Processing Status - when changes are made to a custom field group, communication with the server takes place in order to make updates.  “Completed” will display when all updates have been successfully made to the group in BigCommerce.
  • The Created At date for the Custom Field Group
  • Edit the selected Custom Field Group
  • Delete the selected Custom Field Group. Please note, once deleted, it cannot be recovered.

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