Why is it important to have shopping feeds?

Online shopping feeds are sometimes overlooked by Yahoo! Store owners. Using shopping feeds on search engines opens online businesses to millions of shoppers who otherwise would never find merchant websites through basic searches. About half of the online shopping decisions are influenced by shopping feeds. Most online shoppers take time to compare prices, and most compare products on shopping feeds before they purchase them.

In this economy, shoppers are looking for the best deals. Shopping engines have specific areas where Yahoo! stores can market themselves using promotions, coupons and free shipping offers. Merchants who use these features can be separated out from a crowded marketplace.

Shopping search engines are influenced by feeds that are regularly updated. Also, the shopping experience and overall satisfaction will be greater if the feed has accurate product information.

Shopping feeds are a valuable part of an online merchant’s overall marketing effort. It is important to note that shopping feeds, along with email, search engine optimization and social media make up a solid marketing plan. 
Shopping feeds offer a great opportunity to expand your online presence in a competitive world filled with selective consumers. Go to www.FeedWizards.com for more information about helping you to establish and manage your shopping feeds.

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