How to Use the Feed Wizard Dashboard

Welcome to the Feed Wizards Data Feed Service!  Adding and monitoring your data feeds has never been easier.  Follow some simple steps to create your account and add the services you want.  Take a moment and skim through the articles to get some helpful tips, directions and answers many frequently asked questions. Make sure to bookmark your dashboard URL and remember your password in order to monitor your feeds and billing information. 

About the Dashboard

The Feed Wizards Dashboard was developed by Don Cole, owner of Your Store Wizards and Feed Wizards.  The idea is to offer data feed services at affordable prices, giving merchants the ability to manage their feed services and monitor payment information.  We know how important it is for clients to have fast and easy access to their data feed information, and the dashboard is designed to facilitate this.

You Signed Up!

Once you have decided to sign up for our data feed service, you will be taken to the Feed Wizards dashboard where you will create your account.  You will enter your contact information, store(s) information and payment information right in the secure dashboard.

The Feed Wizard dashboard is simple; you just need to fill in the requested fields. One thing you need to remember is to click SAVE CHANGES at the bottom of each page.

You will find navigation to be quick and easy.  You can click on the Feed Wizards logo at the top of any page to return to the home page of the dashboard.  The menu displayed on the left side of the pages makes it quite easy as well.

You have the ability to add, edit and delete services and information at any time.  The buttons for these functions are clearly visible on these pages.  Again, just fill in the requested fields and / or click on the appropriate buttons. 

You just have to move around through the Feed Wizard dashboard once or twice and you will find it to be easy and convenient.  But remember, the Feed Wizards are always here to help if you need it!

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