Bing Shopping Changes - August 2013 (email sent to merchants from Bing)

Bing didn't specify any changes were needed to the actual data feed being delivered to them.  They do say you must mark a checkbox in your BingAds account indicating you want to participate in the Rich Captions program.

We'll keep our ears open if they do call for changes to one's data feed, but if you hear anything, let us know and we can make the mods very quickly.
Here is the link to Bing's information page on this topic. I hope this is helpful.

>>>> Regarding (If you received a message from Bing like the one below) : 

You're receiving this message because you've used Bing Shopping to promote products you sell. We want to let you know that upcoming changes to Bing will make it easier and faster for consumers to find the products they're looking for. 

Starting next month, people searching for specific products on Bing will no longer need to click through to a separate Bing Shopping webpage. Instead, they’ll see relevant products on Bing search results pages. 

There are two new, faster ways to get your products in front of customers on Bing: 

Rich Captions is a free service that shows your product's price and availability in Bing's organic search results; it will begin rolling out next month. rich captions
Product AdsBeta is a new search ad format that lets you include product details in your ads such as a price, description, and image—delivering key details that help a user make an informed decision to click your ad. Product Ads is currently in beta; we hope to launch it to all advertisers in the coming year. product ads

To learn more about the new product search experience, visit  our blog. If you have questions or need help, please contact  Support


The Bing Support Team

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