Store Copy Initial Client Email

Sometimes when programming, we need to request that Yahoo! make a copy of your store...  When we're ready for the next step, which would be to start implementing these updates into your Yahoo store, we will ask for a store copy.

We will put in a store copy request to Yahoo (copying your store into our test store) so we can integrate the new design in our test environment. This allows us to build, publish and test apart from your live site.

Important: During the time that we are programming the redesign in our test store, you will need to update products in both your actual store and our test store. This includes updates to variables, properties and files. You may also choose to do a database upload before we do the final copy from our test store back into your actual store. That's perfectly fine.

The reason for this is once we are finished building your new site in our test store, we will do an exact copy of our test store back to your Yahoo store (overwriting what is there currently), so it is important that our test store remain up-to-date with your product information and files.

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