Creating a Google API Key for Maps

Effective June 11, 2018 Google is changing how Google Maps works. Google Maps is becoming a paid service and this will require that each merchant generate their own API. Most merchants will not incur charges from Google as the pricing matrix is designed to charge only heavy users. To learn more about Google's pricing matrix, please see the link at the end of this message.

If you are currently using any version of Checkout Wizard on your Yahoo Store, we need you to do the following. This process may be slightly different based on the settings within your Google account.  If you are not presented with a step, move along to the next step.

  1. Go to
  2. Click "Get Started"
  3. Select "Places" and press continue.
  4. Enter a "Project Name" on the "Enter New Project Name" Line and accept the Terms of Service. We suggest using "Checkout Wizard Autofill" but you can choose any name.
  5. If you do not already have a billing account with Google - You will receive a message "Enable Billing for Project".  You will have a free license, but Google will still require a billing account. Google may charge in the future for use of the Google Maps Platform for excessive use.  If you already have a Google Billing account, this step may not appear. Proceed to Step 10.
  6. Click Submit and Enable Billing
  7. On the top right of the page, click "Activate"
  8. Agree and Continue by accepting the Terms of Service that appears.
  9. You may then be prompted to re-enter your information to start the Cloud Platform trial.  Re-enter your address and billing information if prompted.
  10. Click "Start my Free Trial".
  11. You should see a screen that says "You're All Set" and it should show you an API Key.  If you do not see this, reload this url and click "Get Started", select Places and continue. 
  12. E-Mail your NEW API to "".

If you are on support subscription for Checkout Wizard, the Wizards will do the rest of the install for you inside your Yahoo Store.  Please make sure we have access to your store if access has expired. If you do not have the support subscription, we will send you more information at the time of the API installation. If you need to give us access to your store, remember our email is "".

We do apologize for this inconvenience. Google has been hard at work to make Google Maps and even better product, and unfortunately, in order to take advantage of the improvements in functionality, we must comply with new APIs.

To learn more about the changes to Google's Pricing and Billing Changes, click here.

If you have issues enabling your new API, please reply to this email, or email directly.

To Secure your API Key, visit Securing Your Google API Key for Maps

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