Yahoo! Store New Image Optimization

On June 1, 2018 - Yahoo! Small Business released image compression.  They are using a lossless compression which means the file is compressed and no visual quality is lost.

This article pertains to customers of Your Store Wizard's Speed Image Service and Speed Wizard.  We want to inform you on what Yahoo's new image compression means to YSW customers who already subscribe to these services at YSW.

First, Yahoo's compression only impacts NEW images loaded.  There is currently no way to impact old images without reloading them entirely.

Second, Yahoo's compression works great, but the only option is "lossless".  Our service provides lossless, or various lossy with different quality settings. This means that with YSW's Speed Image Service, your images are are compressed even smaller, from 8% to 35% greater reduction - resulting in even faster speed.

It is important to also know that Yahoo's new image compression DOES NOT impact your Speed Wizard Service.  Yahoo's image compression only impacts item images.  Speed Wizard impacts all of your website framework, including CSS, header, footer, background images, java script, etc.  While Yahoo's image compression is a great step forward, it has no impact on the need for Speed Wizard, and the Speed Image Service still has value for improving your page load speed even further.

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