Google Reviews Service for Yahoo Store

Google reviews sends out surveys and gets the responses from customers. The number of surveys, responses, etc. are all viewed in their google merchant center (example below)

453c96f68918e2e7143c42f1ee5e4304.pngNow google will keep collecting but until you hit 150 reviews in a 12 month period, you won't see anything. Once you hit that and they activate, then a few things can show.

1. The badge can then be displayed on the site (when Your Store Wizards installs, YSW doesn't place the badge display code because a box that shows 0 reviews looks bad), once you hit 150 reviews, you can let us know and we can activate at no charge.
2. The badge will display on checkout.
3. The reviews stars can then show on ads the run with google (text ads and product ads), example below:40df347b14d44d97f9e419dc438b4f58.pngOnce the badge is activated with the 150 required reviews, the badge will then link to the merchant page for reviews. Please see the example below:

If you are unable to see ratings in your merchant center - please notify YSW so can review. For actual review count - you may have to contact Google through your merchant center as Google does not give specifics in the merchant center.

Also, just as an FYI, the graphs in the merchant center update once a week (not daily).

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