Google Reviews and Google Seller Ratings

Google Customer Reviews took the place of the Google Trusted Store program.  Google Customer Reviews enables merchants to collect customer feedback on purchases made on their website.

Ratings from Google Customer Reviews apply to seller ratings eligibility. Seller ratings appear on Search Ads, in Google Shopping, and on an optional badge that can be displayed on your site.

Google Customer Reviews 

Customers are given an option to opt-in to receive an email requesting feedback from Google about their purchase and experience in your store. When the customer opts-in, they will receive an email after the expected delivery date of their purchased items (based on settings you enter)..

The ratings are then displayed your Google Customer Reviews badge (optional).  They also appear in your Google Merchant Center account.  Google Customer Reviews will be used to satisfied the requirement of 150 unique reviews if you participate in Seller Ratings.

Google Seller ratings

Google Seller Ratings appear on search ads and Google Shopping, as well on Google Customer Reviews badges. Seller ratings let people know which advertisers are highly rated for quality service. Ratings are gathered from a variety of reputable sources that aggregate business reviews. Seller ratings are marked by the green stars in AdWords ads.

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