How AMP Pages Work

AMP (Accelerated Mobil Pages Project) is an initiative by Google to make mobile pages lightning fast.  When you do a mobile search in Google, you may see a "Lightning Bolt" to the left of the listing.  If you see the lighting bolt, it means the page you are viewing is an AMP page.

An AMP page that is served in Google search typically loads in less than one second and uses ten times less data then a non equivalent non-AMP page.  AMP pages decrease load time on average 75%.

AMP Pages are not hosted or served by your web hosting company.  The data for an AMP page sits on a web server somewhere and Google will index your AMP page when it crawls for AMP pages.  Google then reads the page, no matter where it is hosted, and Google copies and caches the content onto Google's servers.  A line of code on your website tells Google where your AMP page resides.

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