What Are AMP Pages

In 2018, Google released what has been called the “speed update.”  This adjustment to their algorithm was made due to the increase in mobile searches and specifically targeted slower loading websites.  

Prior to the speed update, Google took site speed into consideration when displaying search results.  Simply put, faster loading sites were given priority over slower loading ones – but only for those users searching from desktop computers.

With mobile searches rapidly on the rise, Google decided to not only take site speed into consideration for desktop searches but for mobile ones as well.  This change meant site owners needed to find a way to speed things up so they wouldn’t get lost pages deep in search results.

Google’s recommendation for combating the speed update was to implement Accelerated Mobile Pages – or AMP.  AMP is not a separate website, is not a replacement for a responsive designed site, and is not a mobile app, m-dot domain, or anything like that.

“The Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project is built on top of existing web technologies to enable blazing-fast page rendering and content delivery.”

AMP works in the background taking your existing website, creating a new lightning-fast version of it, minus the bells and whistles that add to load time and serves up these pages to mobile searchers.

AMP pages are indicated by a lightning bolt icon

Those who click thru to an AMP page will immediately notice just how fast these pages load – sometimes 4 to 5 times faster!  Go ahead, take a minute to grab your phone, go to Google and search for “why use amp pages.” You’ll probably see the same search results I received in the screenshot below:

AMP pages are indicated by a lightning bolt icon

The search results that have the lightning bolt icon next to the site name are AMP pages.  Click on one! You’ll immediately notice the minimal design and just how fast they load.

As eCommerce store developers, we’re always looking for ways to improve the customer experience while increasing conversions and sales.  Having a fast loading site for mobile shoppers looking to buy from you is key. Not to mention the obvious benefit of an SEO boost from Google for using accelerated mobile pages.

Now that I’ve given you some background on AMP, let me share with you just how AMP Wizard for Yahoo! Store works.

Like I mentioned previously, this is not a replacement for a responsive website or any other mobile solution you have for your store.  AMP Wizard works in the background and only serves up pages for mobile search users. Customers who go to your site directly will be shown your main website.

Your store’s AMP pages are stored on our server and are synched with your store so they are always up-to-date.  Google then caches these pages to further reduce load time. Like all our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, our servers are load balanced and monitored 24/7/365.

For more information - view https://www.yourstorewizards.com/blog/introducing-amp-wizard-for-yahoo-store/

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