Magic Edit: What is the Magic Edit Button?

The Magic Edit Button extension is a tool you can use daily to speed up working with your eCommerce store.  It currently works with Shopify, Big Commerce and Turbify Stores (previously Yahoo! Stores).  It can also work to provide some functionality to Wordpress sites.

In it's simplest form, it provides a button on the page when you are on any of the supported platforms.  You simply click this, or the extension icon in the Chrome toolbar, and it will do it's best to take you to edit that page in your store platforms editor.  

You can also right click on the Magic Edit Button to also see a menu of choices of tools and resources for that platform.  This can include links to resources and assistance for the platform, common testing tools, links to add products or other items, or simply go to separate sections in your platforms dashboard or editor.  We are working on adding new features as well such as links to common Google Analytics reports.

Try it out, get more productive, and if you have something you'd like it to do, let us know.  

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