Platform Migration Service

Thank you for interest in our Premium Platform Migration Service.  We know that the decision to move platforms was one you made carefully and with much thought.  We also know that an endeavor like this can be stressful!  However, we’re here to make the process simple.  

We’re going to be with you every step of the way, guiding you through the process, keeping you updated and providing you with the necessary support and resources from pre-planning to post-launch.  

Our goal is to make sure that you’re comfortable with your new platform and you’re taking advantage of all its features to maximize your future growth potential.  We promise that Your Store Wizards will be here to help you through the process and beyond with the tools and information you need to be successful.

Our goals for this transition are simple.  We want to guide your journey through this transfer.  We want your store, your livelihood, to transfer while maximizing your future growth potential.  We want you to have comfort with the data, and your new platform. We will be your resource through this process and beyond to make sure you have the tools and information you need.

How is Your Store Wizards Premium Migration Service different?

We are NOT simply a “dump your data” service.  We know how important your business is, and there are a lot of moving parts that are key to making the transition smooth and as problem free as possible.  In order to make this happen we include many items above and beyond simply moving your data.  These include:

  • Data Review - We work with you from the beginning to review your data, adjust as you build out your store, and make sure your data is clean.  We get more data more consistently than competing services.
  • Three Data Transfers - We let you move in your data, work on your store, then transfer again with any changes that may have been made, and then a final transfer before launch to ensure it’s the most up to date version.  This way you can continue to work in your existing store until as late as possible.  *More than three data transfers may involve an additional charge.
  • Transfer in Related Images -  If you reference images in your product descriptions, we will not only adjust the HTML to reference your new hosting but also move over those related images.
  • Adjust Links in Your Content -  If you hard coded links in your product descriptions, we’ll change those over to your new domain and page URLs.
  • 301 Redirect Loading AND Review - Making sure you have proper 301 redirects in for pages that have moved are critical to maintaining your SEO ranking.  As part of this service, we don’t simply import 301’s in bulk.  We run a detailed analysis report prior to publishing your new store that provides you with a list of every page that will need to have a redirect put in.   This way you can confirm and make sure all your key pages (and as many as possible) are properly redirected.  But we go one step further than many others. Instead of simply loading redirects of your items/pages we transfer, we will help run an analysis report before you go live to give you a list of every page in your old site that doesn’t have a redirect loaded. 
  • Ongoing Support -  We want to make sure  you get off on the right foot with your new platform by providing you with 90 days of our premium technical support (a $1185 value).  Our US-based support reps will be available to answer any questions you may have about your new store 24/7/365.
  • Platform Selection Support - Need help picking a platform?  We can help guide you to find the best platform for you.  We can also open development stores which are free until you’re ready to launch.
  • Feed Assistance - Are you moving a store that is feeding products to Google Shopping or other Comparison Shopping Engines?  If so, we can not only provide feeds once you get on your new platform but we will help make sure all your key data transfers over correctly so any provider can make it a seamless transition.
  • Platform Training - Our Premium Migration Service also includes access to our own set of video tutorials that are designed to help you understand the key difference, nuances, and strengths of your new platform.  As part of our service we are launching a new “Wizard School” where we provide quick video tutorials to help you understand the key differences, nuances, and strengths of your new platform.
  • Data Review - We not only review the basics of your data but we analyze it to make sure it fits well in the new platform.  If something won’t transfer in “perfectly” as is, we’ll help you figure out the best plan of attack to get it to work as well as possible.

Our Process and Experience

Your Store Wizards is one of the oldest and most trusted Yahoo! Store developers with over 20 years experience.  In addition to our expertise on the Yahoo! Store platform, we are a BigCommerce Certified Preferred Partner as well as a Shopify Partner with experience designing, programming, and building custom applications not only for these platforms, but others as well.

When it comes to data migration, no other developer can top our experience.  We’ve done many migrations and have seen many of the “hiccups” that a store owner can run into by attempting to do it themselves, or use a developer who doesn’t have the experience or a plan to migrate data correctly.

Based on the dozens of platform migrations we have done, we built an eight-step process to make sure your date is reviewed, transferred, analyzed, and tested to make sure it is as compatible with your new platform as possible.  

Again, we’re here for you every step of the way!

Your Store Wizards has been doing data migrations for years, involved in eCommerce for over 20 years, and have experience with all the major platforms out there.  As such, we’ve done many migrations and have seen many of the “hiccups” that you may run into without a plan and a team guiding you.  This experience is not just limited to transferring the data, but working with, building, and optimizing stores.  

Through this we’ve built an 8 step process to make sure your data is reviewed, transferred, analyzed, and tested to make sure it comes across into your new platform as well as possible.  We will guide you through this one step at a time, and be here for your questions.

Can you help build my new store?

Yes, most definitely.  We can work with you to determine what’s best for your business based on your goals.  Whether starting from scratch with a 100% custom build, or using a predefined template and adjusting to fit your needs, we’re here to do what makes sense for your business.

This may be a 100% custom build out, or may simply be taking a predefined theme and adjusting, or adding apps and services to get all you need.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is get in touch with us.  Simply send an email to support(at)yourstorewizards(dot)com and get the ball rolling.  We’ll ask for some information about your store, and what you want to transfer over so we can get a quote for you.  

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