Test Results Info

We are working on improving the testing results to test as accurately as  possible.  There are a few things that currently we do not test.   These include:

  • Forms (search, newsletters) that submit.  We do not test that the receiver can take https or that it will process properly.  Most services will, but we just don't test it.
  • When we test CSS and JS files for hard coded http references, it's possible there could be some that are in the file, but aren't used.  Our tester will see and report them as it can't check whether they are actually used.  It's also possible, especially in javascript, that there can be some references to http: that don't actually take the browser to an http location.  
  • If links or other javascript interact with the page in a way that we can't plan for, we aren't able to test and check those.  For example, if you had a link or form pointing somewhere but javascript interrupts the click and reroutes, we won't be able to test for that.

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