Who Are Your Store Wizards

We're so glad you asked.  We are an eCommerce development firm that was founded back in 1999 by Don Cole aka "The Mad Wizard".   We specialize in programming on Yahoo! Merchant Solutions and have been doing so since we were founded.  As time has evolved, we've also taken on other popular platforms such as Shopify and Big Commerce.  We will take on small jobs, large jobs, custom jobs or anything in between.  We believe our strength is our attention to detail, the quality work we provide, and our ability to think through and creatively solve any problem that maximizes the store owner's ability to operate, and sell.  We love what we do, and we think it shows.

All the programming we do on stores is done in house, in the U.S., and always has been and always will be.

 You can find out more on our site at https://www.yourstorewizards.com .  

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