Custom Field Populator: General Settings

While most store owners will not need to do any configuration of the app, there are some settings in the Custom Field Populator's Dashboard that can be changed:

  • Import all Custom Fields from BigCommerce - the first time you use Custom Field Populator, it is recommended you import all your custom fields. 
    • Tip: If you add new custom fields from the backend of your store, rather than via Custom Field Populator, you can use this option to bring those new custom fields!
  • Enable Auto Creating Custom Fields - enabled new products to have the custom fields set up in the app automatically added when the item is created. Once enabled, the option to Disable Auto Creating Custom Fields will appear. Clicking this will disable the app from automatically adding custom fields to new items when the item is created.
  • Global Default Value for Custom Fields - If you want to assign a global value for all custom fields, such as โ€œ0โ€ (numerical value for โ€œoffโ€), you would enter it here.  BigCommerce requires a value for all custom fields. This global default value can be overridden via the custom field default value. If you have no global default value or custom field default value we will send a blank space.

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