How to Upload Custom Fields from a CSV

You can import custom fields via a CSV file by following the steps below:

From the main interface, under Bulk Import Upload download a copy of the import template by clicking on it.

Once clicked, if you have more than one Custom Field Group, you will be asked to select which of the groups you would like to download as seen on the screen below:

If you do not have Custom Field Groups set up, you will simply receive a "Save As" dialogue box to save the template.

Once your template file is downloaded, you will fill out the sheet with the Product Identifier which can be the BigCommerce Product ID or the Product's SKU (currently doesn't support variant skus).
Once populated and saved, click on Upload New File:

From this you have the following options:
  • Select Product Identifier Used in Import:
    • Product ID - BigCommerce Product ID
    • Product SKU - Product SKU in BigCommerce
  • Select CSV File to Import - The file that will be imported. 
Click Upload and Process.
The file will upload and the custom fields will begin to be added to BigCommerce. You'll see the uploaded file in the below list after uploading.  You'll see a progress bar within the processed column.  Once successfully processed, the file will be removed from the list.  If errors were detected during import, you can select  Download Errors to download a file that will have details about the errors so you can correct them.  Once corrected, you can re-upload following the same steps.