Options ToolTip: Setup ToolTips

Options ToolTip for BigCommerce from Your Store Wizards is easy to configure once installed by one of our developers.

To set up various ToolTips, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your BigCommerce Control Panel
  2. Go to Storefront | Themes and click "Customize" for the current theme.  This will open up the BigCommerce Page Builder.
  3. Click on the Painter's Pallet icon which will open the Theme Styles menu
  4. Select "Custom Fields"
  5. By default, we provide you with 14 fields for entering custom ToolTips, just ask us for more if needed!  Under Product Options & Description, enter (X is the value of the ToolTip 1-14):
    1. Title X - the name of the option this ToolTip should correlate to
    2. Description X - the text to display when the shopper hovers over the ToolTip icon next to the item option
  6. When complete, click Save and don't forget to Publish!

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