Tools: Release Notes

Version 1.8.1 | 05.26.2023

  • Product Updater public release

Version 1.8.1 | 05.25.2023

  • Added Error Handling in Price Updater for SKUs that aren't found in the store
  • Fixed issue with product and variant pricing not updating caused by case-sensitive SKUs in Price Updater
  • Fixed issue with product and variant price update skipping first responses in Price Updater

Version 1.8.0 | 05.25.2023

  • Added Price Updater tool
  • Misc. bug fixes

Version 1.7.0 | 05.24.2023

  • Fixed issue with Category Export not exporting all categories
  • Fixed issue with Product Image Downloader so that if the store export folder doesn't exist one will be created
  • Fixed issue with error handling in the event the API response didn't return an error array

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Fixed issue with category display when editing

Version 1.7.0 | 05.22.2023

  • Added product count to Export Categories tool

Version 1.7.0 | 05.18.2023

  • Added ability to add additional stores by Store Owner level users
  • 301 Redirect Uploader updated to automatically add a leading slash to the to_url if URL doesn't have one in the upload file
  • Fixed issue with downloading errors for categories, image, and URL Tools
  • Updated Dashboard to display all enabled Tools and hide ones not enabled, leaving the ability for admin to see all
  • Added ability for store owners to add new stores to account

Version 1.6 | 05.05.2023

  • Improved dashboard performance
  • Improved onboarding performance
  • Dashboard will now display all available tools for the platform, whether free or premium
  • Added ability to subscribe to premium tool directly from dashboard

CopyCat Category Duplicator:

  • Fixed issue when changing from one BigCommerce Multi Storefront store to another
  • Fixed issue with meta keywords not saving

Version 1.5.4 | 04.25.2023

  • Various UI enhancements

Version 1.5.3 | 04.17.2023

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Various UI enhancements
  • Fixed Contact Us form to clear after submission

Version 1.5.2 | 04.14. 2023

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Fixed issue with automatically generated URLs having character appended after .html
  • Redesigned layout of View Categories screen and added hamburger menu for additional options

Version 1.5.1 | 04.13.2023

URL Redirect Uploader

  • Fixed issue with file failing to upload for some users
  • Fixed issue with tool stripping data from the import file

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Removed progress bar

Version 1.5 | 04.12.2023

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Fixed 500 error when creating a "copy" category for MSF store
  • Added process history on view categories screen
  • Adjusted table to display category type (sync or copy) on view categories screen
  • Fixed the inability to create a "copy" category for MSF store
  • Fixed canonicals from being automatically removed when CopyCat category is switched from sync to copy


  • Improvements to the account setup process and billing validation

Version 1.4.1 | 04.03.2023

  • Fixed import validation handling
  • Added Slack error logging
  • Adjusted Registration Page to use Create Account Action
  • Fixed Type and Availability conditions as well as inventory tracking values in product import
  • Mapped Type value of "product" to "physical" upon match

Version 1.4 | 04.01.2023

  • Added Ability to retry failed or canceled tool processes
  • Added Import Error handling with the ability to download errors in .csv format
  • Fix the completed import email

Version 1.3 | 03.30.2023

  • General backend improvements
  • Added job history 
  • Download export and misc fixes 

Version 1.20 | 03.29.2023

Product Export Adjustments
  • Added product Image Alt field to export
  • Adjusted product export column names to match the BigCommerce dashboard
  • Fixed issue with columns not in the order specified
Product Import Adjustments
  • Removed required fields: Name, Weight, Price, and Type
  • Added product Image Alt field to import
  • Adjusted product import labels to match the BigCommerce dashboard
  • Fixed auto-selecting id in import
Category Export
  • Fixed issue with columns not in the order specified
Category Import
  • Removed Category Name as a required field
  • Fixed auto-selecting id in import

Job History

  • Added file download for exports
  • Added table description explaining we only return the last 7 days of data
  • Fixed dark mode white text on white input
  • Updated instructions for Category and Product Import
  • Fixed the badge display issue
  • Fixed display issue in table modal when having a description
  • Added Free badge to select tools

Version 1.10 | 03.28.2023


  • Tweaks to BigCommerce uninstall and cancel plan process
  • Added remove user
  • Adjusted Store Selector

CopyCat Category Duplicator

  • Added styled select drop-down


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