Why did we build the SSL Tester?

Why not?   Seriously we had a couple of reasons for building this.

First, we don't like to have our customers (store owners) guessing what they need or don't need.  Yes, we have many who trust us implicitly and we're proud of that.  But we wanted to be able to provide a tool so store owners could check for themselves.  No sales pitch, no wondering if you bought something that wasn't needed.  Just straight answers.

Second, we are a bit geeky here and just seeing that it could be done, and how far we could take it is pretty fun.  The best part is that the concept is simple, but execution isn't as easy as it seems.  So finding better ways of making it work, test, and operate while making it simpler and simpler is just cool (for us geeks).

Lastly, we wanted to be able to support the community that we've been a part of for now over 17 years.  So anything we can do to say thank you back, we're glad to do.

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