Back In Stock Wizard: Outbound Email Settings

By default, Back In Stock Wizard sends back-in-stock notifications to your customers from the email address If you would like to have these notifications come from your own domain/email address, you can complete the following setup.

Before continuing, make sure you have access to your domain registrar and have permission to create TXT records on the domain.

Step 1: From the Back In Stock Wizard dashboard, click Settings > Mail.

Step 2: Start the domain verification process by entering your domain in the box and clicking Save.

Step 3: You will need to create TXT records on your domain in order to send email notifications from your domain. This screen will show you the information you will need for the TXT records. If your DNS records are controlled via your BigCommerce store, simply to go to Settings > Email & DNS Settings > Web Hosts and create two new TXT. If your DNS is managed through your domain registrar such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy, you will create these TXT records there.

Once your TXT records are entered, click Verify. It may take a few minutes for the verification process to complete as DNS updates. You can return to this screen later to see the status of domain verification.

Once verified, you can continue to Step 4:

Step 4: Set up your return email address to whatever email address you want your notification to come from. Simply click on the Edit icon, enter the address, and click Save.

Email setup is now complete!

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