Back In Stock Wizard: Moving from Another App

Back in Stock Wizard makes it easy for you to move to our app from another back-in-stock notification app. However, it requires that the other application allows you to export certain information including:

  • Customer Email Address
  • Product ID or SKU (If you're moving from InStockNotify, you will need the product SKU not the Product ID.)
  • Product Variant SKU
  • Date the customer subscribed to the notification

That information should be included in a .CSV file which can be imported into Back In Stock Wizard by going to the Control Panel and clicking Settings > Import.

Step 1: Click on Choose File

Step 2: Once the file has been uploaded to Back In Stock Wizard, review the sample data provided and if it looks good, click Next

Step 3: Map the fields in your .CSV file to the appropriate field in Back In Stock Wizard:

  • Email: The customer's email address.
  • Product ID: The BigCommerce Product ID. (If you're moving from InStockNotify to Back In Stock Wizards, you will use the Product ID, not the product's SKU.)
  • SKU: The product SKU. (If you're moving from InStockNotify to Back In Stock Wizard, do not map this field but make sure you mapped Product ID.)
  • Option SKU: If you have variants with unique SKUs, you will map the Option SKU here.
  • Created At: The date the customer was added to the notification list in your previous back in stock notification app.

Once all fields are mapped, click Next.

Step 4: Confirm that you want to continue with the import by clicking Yes!

Step 5: Once the migration is complete, you will receive a notification and you can return to your dashboard to see the data now loaded into Back In Stock Wizard.

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