Tools: Price Updater

The Price Updater tool in Your Store Tools allows you to quickly update regular and sale prices on items and variants by using a .CSV file.

Step 1: Prepare your .CSV file which should contain a header row and three columns for data:

  • SKU - the item's SKU, this is not the BigCommerce Product ID, but the actual SKU. Our tool does not require the use of the BigCommerce Product ID! SKUs for variants can be entered as well.
  • Price - the regular, everyday selling price of the item.
    • If you leave the Price field empty, no changes to the existing price will be made.
  • Sale-Price - the sale price of the item.
    • If you leave the Sale-Price field empty, no changes to the existing sale price will be made.
    • If you place a 0 in the Sale-Price field, the sale price will be removed from the item.

Step 2: Launch the Price Updater tool in your Your Store Tools Dashboard by clicking on Update Prices.

Step 3: Select the file from your computer by browsing, or dragging and dropping it into the dialogue box. Once uploaded it will automatically proceed to the next step, field mapping.

Step 4: Map the fields in your file to Your Store Tools, then click Next.

Step 5: If you would like to receive an email notification when your import is complete, select Yes and make sure the email address shown is correct. If you do not want to be notified by email, select No. Whether you select yes or no, you will still receive a notification in the notification center when the update is complete.

Click Submit.

Step 6: The dashboard will show the progress of the job, and when complete a notification will appear in the notification center:

You can check the use history of the Price Updater tool by clicking on the hamburger menu and selecting History:

The tool's last 7 days of history will be shown.

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