Back In Stock Wizard: Complete Feature List

Back In Stock Wizard is a full-featured app for BigCommerce that allows you to capture sales that may be lost due to stockouts. By using Back in Stock Wizard, when an item's inventory level drops to 0 a subscription box is placed on the item page to collect a shopper's email address so they can be notified when the item is once again available for purchase.

Back In Stock Wizard Feature List

  • Intuitive, uncluttered dashboard, that shows just the data store owners we polled want to see in a glance including:
    • Number of customers currently with active notification subscriptions
    • Number of products that have notification subscriptions
    • Number of back-in-stock emails sent
    • Number of notification subscriptions set to expire (by default, subscriptions are kept active for two years if no inventory activity has taken place on the item)
    • Number of inactive notification subscriptions (subscriptions for items that have since been removed from the store)
    • List of the most recent notification subscriptions
    • List of the most popular products people are signing up for back-in-stock notifications
  • Subscriber report that lists all customers currently subscribed to one or more notifications. Click to reveal which items they are currently subscribed to!
  • Product report that lists all products that currently are out-of-stock and have notification subscriptions pending.
  • Real-Time inventory so once an item's stock is replenished, Back In Stock Wizard immediately sends out notifications to subscribers. Other apps may poll once an hour, or once a day, while we poll continually!
    • It's important to note that you do not need to be using "actual" inventory in BigCommerce to use Back In Stock Wizard. If you're not using quantity-based inventory, simply ticking the "Inventory" box on your product will activate/deactivate the subscription form as long as the quantity is set to zero.

  • Elegant email notification designed based on user feedback and laid out by our design team, this one-size-fits-all email notification is both casual and elegant with an intent to convert! By default the email notification includes:
    • Product Image
    • Product Name
    • Link direct to product
    • Link to instantly add the item to the customer's shopping cart
    • Link to your store's homepage
  • Additional email styling options that you can include in your outbound back-in-stock notifications include:
    • Your store's logo (pulled from your BigCommerce store)
    • Additional custom text (two separate fields)
    • 120 characters (or a custom amount) of the item's description
    • Inventory quantity
    • Item Price
    • Link to your store's privacy policy
    • Link to your store's terms and conditions
    • Color picker to choose the color for in-email buttons
    • Ability to append email tracking code to outbound email links for analytics use

  • Customer Subscription Manager link is included in the footer of each email that takes them to a page to see all the products they are subscribed to where they can remove ones they no longer want to receive.
  • Customizable on-page subscription form allows you to choose the look and feel of the subscription form on your item page. Customization options include:
    • Ability to use custom CSS
    • Change default "Get notified when this item is back in stock" text, OR, use a custom image in place of text
    • Change the default "Enter email address" input field text and the color of the input box, border, and text
    • Change the default "Notify me" submission button text and the color of the submission box and text
  • Email on your own domain to ensure deliverability! With our simple domain authentication wizard, all you need to do is add two TXT records to your store's DNS records in order to send notifications from
  • Easy to switch from another back-in-stock app by using our import tool. As long as the app you're switching from can export subscription data, you can import it into Back In Stock Wizard so switching is 100% seamless for you and your customers.
  • Export subscription data for offline reporting purposes or for importing into another app.
  • Free support by the Your Store Wizards team for any issues with setup or use!

Additional Options

Back In Stock Wizard has additional options and premium add-on modules that are not enabled by default. These include:

  • FREE: Notifications to Inventory Percentage: Allows you to control the number of back-in-stock notifications sent based on inventory quantity.

Back In Stock Wizard is currently not compatible with BigCommerce multi-storefront. If used in a multi-storefront environment, the app will function on the first storefront (channel). MSF support will be coming soon.

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