Custom Field Populator: How to Edit a Custom Field

To edit an existing custom field in Custom Field Populator, from the Dashboard, click on Custom Fields:

You'll be taken to a screen showing all your store's custom fields:

The Edit Custom Field screen will now be displayed:

From this screen, you can:

  • Edit the custom field's Name.
  • Edit the custom field's default value. If you want to make the default value blank, simply enter a space.
  • Enable or disable Custom Field Populator from automatically adding the custom field to new items when you create them.
  • Edit the Custom Field Groups the custom field is assigned to. At least once Custom Field Group is required.
  • Choose whether to add the new custom field to all products in your BigCommerce store.

    • If toggled to Yes, Custom Field Populator will go through and add this new custom field to all existing items in your store.
    • If toggled to No, Custom Field Populator will not add this new custom field to all existing items in your store, but you can manually add them to items one by one.

When you're finished editing your custom field, click Save Custom Field.

Additional Functions

  • Delete Custom Field on All Products allows you to remove the custom field from all products in your BigCommerce store. It's important to note that it will NOT delete the custom field, it simply removes it from any items it's currently on.
  • Add Custom Field to All Products in BC allows you to add the custom field to ALL items in your store.

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