General Data Feed Service Information

Thank you for contacting us. Our Feed Wizards data feed service for Aabaco stores helps you post your Yahoo store products on Google Shopping and other major comparison shopping engines.The Feed Wizard"s Standard Plan includes (3) standard feeds to your favorite comparison shopping engines. A Google feed (1 point feed) can be one of them.

We would be happy to establish a Google feed for your Yahoo! store as well when you sign up for our Feed Wizards data feed service at: ( Note the tabs at the top of the page for information on overview, benefits, pricing, supported feeds, faqs, etc.)

Our service gets more complete data than any other generic feed service but also includes image hosting, which no competitor offers. This means all images show all the time, even when Yahoo! changes the urls. 

The initial set up and first month's service is FREE.

* $39.95/month.
* Includes true Image Hosting.
* Includes Data Backup of items and sections.
* Includes 3 Standard Feeds (or 1 Premium Feed).
* Standard Feed stores with more than 10,000 pages have a nominal charge of $5 per 5,000 additional pages beyond 10k.

All feed clients receive a free upgraded forum membership to: and daily item data and image backups with the standard service.

When you sign up for this service, we will upload a series of rtml templates to your store. These templates will be there to pull your item information from your store and create the data feed(s). They do not interact with your other templates nor affect how your store looks or acts. Your data feeds are updated automatically overnight whenever you publish changes to your store

For the Google feed, when we set this up for you, we'll set it up to accommodate Google's new requirements as follows...
1. We'll set your feed to use your store name as the default brand if you do not have data in your BRAND or MANUFACTURER properties in your Yahoo store. To override the default, you can create and populate a property called BRAND on your Yahoo store items.
2. We'll set your feed to use your product CODE as the default MPN if you do not have data in a property called MANUFACTURER-PART-NUMBER.
3. We'll set up a default google-product-category for you. To override this value, create and populate a property called "google-product-category" (type: text) in your Yahoo store editor and populate it with category info from Google's taxonomy list below:

Google's taxonomy:

We have designed this system to be a very automated process with little or no maintenance on your part.
For more information and to sign up for this important service please visit:

In hope the above information is helpful.

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