What’s the “Enable but do not syndicate” option for my product data files?

When managing product catalog data files and the legacy format, merchants have three options: Disable, Enable, and Enable but do not syndicate. When "Enable" is chosen, a link to your product catalog data file is sent to shopping comparison engines and other third-party sites, so they may download this file. When "Enable but do not syndicate" is chosen, your catalog of products is enabled and third-party sites can still access your data, but the links are not "auto-sent" to the various engines (namely Google).  Merchants who manage their own product feeds or who use a 3rd party for feeds should choose "Enable but do not syndicate" for this setting.  To adjust these settings:

1. In your Yahoo Store Manager click the "Search Engines" link, located in the Promote column. You will be taken to the Promote Your Site on Search Engines section of Store Manager.

2. Locate the "Enable and Submit your Product Catalogs to Shopping Comparison Engines" section of the page.

3. Choose one of the Disable, Enable, or Enable but do not syndicate options for your product catalog data file.

4. Click the "Done" button.

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