What Can I Do to Increase Traffic to my Website?

For traffic to your website, there are a number of basic SEO tactics you can employ.

1. Take a look in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) section to get an idea of the functionality you should have in your store. The idea is to get traffic to your site and our SEO section is loaded with easy-to-use enhancements specially designed to make your Yahoo store more visible to search engines. See our section at  http://www.yourstorewizards.com/search-engine-optimization.html

2. Once you've established the basic SEO functions in your store, you will want to market your products. The Feed Wizard data feed service is a powerful and flexible tool to stimulate your marketing campaigns.With this service we back up your store's data, host your images (for those services that need it) and provide you with data feeds tailored for your affiliates, shopping portals and any other need. We will send an updated feed automatically overnight whenever you publish changes to your store. We have designed this system to be a very automated process with little or no maintenance on your part. Having product listings with Google Shopping, BING Shopping,TheFind, and other comparison engines creates many inbound links to your website. This helps with natural search as well as increasing your site's exposure on the various comparison engines. Our Feed Wizards Store Backup and Data Feed service information can be found at 
The set up and first months service is FREE!
3. Optimize your product names and descriptions. 
Utilize your keywords and keyword phrases early in your product names and inyour product descriptions. Consider what terms you use when searching for your products on Google and then utilize those terms directly on your products.
These are just a few of many SEO devices you can use. If you would like more advanced SEO tactics, we can place you in touch with our colleagues who specialize in advanced SEO methodologies.

I hope this is helpful info. Please let me know if you have questions or need more information. I am here to help.

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