Upgrading my legacy store to to merchant solutions

As for upgrading to the merchant solutions plan from your legacy Yahoo store, we can help you with the process, but this is basically something you simply contact Yahoo about doing. During your upgrade, you don't necessarily need to update your EDITOR to the newest "version3" editor. If you can have Yahoo keep your editor at their prior version, that will allow you to keep the RTML enhancements you've already made on your site. If you DO need to move to Yahoo's newest V3 editor, be aware you will NOT keep any of your existing custom RTML and enhancements.

IMPORTANT:  If you convert to the VERSION 3 editor, you will lose ALL of the custom RTML programming on your Yahoo store. If you have a lot of customization in your Yahoo store, I strongly suggest NOT changing to the V3 editor.

Changing to Merchant Solutions is DIFFERENT from changing to the VERSION 3 editor and if changing to Merchant Solutions, one need not change to the VERSION 3 editor.

It is important when communicating to Yahoo about your change to Merchant Solutions that you mention you want to stay in the VERSION 2 editor so you don't lose your customization.

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