What Is Google+?

Google+ currently has over 359 million active users and can be a successful part of your social media campaign. 

Using Google+

The most important idea is that you post interesting, engaging, relevant content to attract potential customers to your Google+ page. 

To do this, you have to know your audience. Google+ has a search bar that allows you to find and follow Google+ members who are interested in your industry.  Research related terms so that you can capture the whole community. Look at these followers’ feeds to see the kind of content they are liking and sharing.

Be creative with the subjects of your posts.  80% of your content should be original content you write like how-to articles, latest industry news or even commentary by customers about your products. The other 20% can be used for promotions, etc.

Use different content formats.  Infographics, blog posts, videos, and images can be used to mix it up and keep it interesting. 

The Google+ tools help you share your content strategically.  You can use Circles, Communities, and even email your posts to your followers. 


Organizing your contacts into circles is a great way to build new relationships and keep the old ones cozy. For example, if you want to catch up with an industry ‘influencer’, you would pull up their circle, find their profile and contact them.  You can organize followers into circles that help you network. 


Communities are formed to suit members’ topics of interest. Creating a community for your business allows you to establish your expertise, gain visibility, share knowledge, encourage more +1s and drive traffic to your website. 

Alternatively, it can be useful for you to join other communities that discuss topics within your industry for the same reasons, helping you to develop relationships in a meaningful manner.


A great way to engage your Google+ community is by "hanging out" with them. Google Hangouts are part chat room and part multimedia portal that allows you to create a hangout and invite up to 10 followers to hang out with you.

Hangouts give you the opportunity to chat with potential customers so you can get to know them better. You could also address any customer service issues, or you could even perform a live how-to session.

Hangouts are integrated into Gmail, so anyone with an account (and if they’re on Google+, they’ve got one) can easily join in. If you’d like to include more than the ten-person limit, you can do a Hangout on Air, streaming your Hangout right to YouTube that will later be saved on the site. You get the benefits of a Hangout with all of the brand- and SEO-building benefits of video marketing.

That’s it.  Google+ is a social media platform with a large membership and a variety of features and tools that are easy to use.  Google+ can be a definite asset when included in your social media marketing plan.

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