How do I upload images to my Yahoo! store?

You can upload multiple pictures to your pages using Yahoo's database upload function.  It is a two part process.


Upload a ZIPPED image file into your Yahoo store.  To upload the pictures, use the 'multiple image upload' function found in the "controls" area of the Yahoo editor.  When uploading the pictures, they must be compressed in a zip file.  The individual picture filenames need not match the page ID on which they are used.


In your database upload file, place the individual picture's file names in the IMAGE column of your .csv upload sheet.  You may also place the image filenames in your INSET and ICON or other custom image properties in the csv upload file.

You may use the same picture for multiple pages.

Upload the zipped image file before the .csv file.

Using Yahoo's multiple image upload is a time-saving alternative to individually uploading images in the Yahoo store editor.

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