How does the blog on your Yahoo! store domain work?

Effective 8/17/2018 - this product as been retired and is no longer available.

The blog on your domain is a combination of html/rtml setup in the store, along with an ongoing service which scans your blog and inserts the data in the store.  So let's say your blog is at  Here is a basic outline of what we do to get you rolling, and how it works ongoing.

New Blog:

If you don't have an existing blog, this provides for the simplest setup.  We will have you set up the Wordpress blog either on your hosting, or we can provide hosting.  This hosting now becomes your "staging" blog.  You will do all posts in the staging blog, but nothing will point to it.  In fact, depending on what you want for layout, the staging blog may only have a basic framework of design (no header or footer) so when we inject in your store, we can use your store's header and footer.  If you want a different design we can discuss options and depending on your need there may be additional setup cost.

Once it's set up, we'll have you post to the blog a couple of times.  Then we will set up our system to scan your "staging" blog daily, recreating the content for all the pages and changing the urls (so they will work in your store).  Also, if you have catalog manager, our system will automatically inject the updates into your store.  If you don't, we can provide a link where you can download a CSV which you will need to upload into the store.

Existing Blog:

For an existing blog, it's much like the new blog, but you may end up with 2 staging blog urls.  The current blog, which is indexed by Google, along with sites linking to the blog, will be set up so each page auto forwards to the new page in the store.  Any new pages on the existing blog  won't get seen by search engines as they'll auto redirect to the main blog page in the store.  We will create one other blog url that enables you to get into the blog and post.  It also gives our indexing service pages to crawl (that don't redirect).  This second blog domain is set so no search engines will spider or index it.  This is so you don't get hit with duplicate content issues and any existing links carry all their juice to the new pages in the store.  This is a bit more complex to set up and so hence the large install cost.

More important information:

1.  We will remove any blog comment blocks from the blog.  We can install Disqus into the store pages to use as comments and if you have comments you want imported, Disqus can import them.

2.  We will remove any link to an RSS feed. We can provide an RSS feed which we can link in the pages that will list the blog pages from the store.

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