Customer Service and Shipping

The end of the year brings the holiday shopping rush that thunders in like a tsunami, and surfing the tsunami are high levels of customer expectations.

Savvy online shoppers have done their research.  They know how to find the best deals, seek out the best shipping rates, and shop at stores with the best customer service policies.

Customer retention is a function of exceeding expectations for quality and service; shipping in e-commerce is central to the perception of service.

Delivery errors are often learned the hard way, with the resulting customer complaints, lost time and decreased revenue. Avoid the most common shipping mistakes this holiday season. 

1. Check Your Labels

Invalid customer addresses only inflate your shipping costs.  Make sure the labels have all the required information.  Mistakes happen, but checking labels and verifying addresses is completely within your control.  

2. Research Customs Regulations if Applicable

3. Pick the Right Provider

Did you know that certain shipping companies have established relationships with customs in specific destinations, so selecting a company for specific countries may speed up delivery to your customers?  Also, most shipping companies with a strong presence in a country will also have a physical office location in the destination. 

4. Ensure That Shipments Are Packaged Correctly

5. Overestimate Shipping Times

Be proactive in measuring whether your shipping is matching customer expectations, and revisit your delivery service as indicators point out weaknesses in your system. Be prepared to adjust delivery methods if the weather worsens. Minimize risk so customers won't worry that their product will arrive late, and make sure their fears don't translate into your holiday nightmares.

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