Magic Edit: Shopify Features & Instructions

Magic Edit for Google Chrome is guaranteed to save you time managing your Shopify store thanks to its ability to quickly take you to the backend of your store, directly from your website, to perform common tasks.

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Installing Magic Edit

To install Magic Edit, simply click here to visit the Google Chrome Web Store and click on Add to Chrome.

Once installed, we recommend "pinning" it to your browser bar so it's always available for quick access. To do this, simply right-click on the Magic Edit icon in Google Chrome and click on Pin to keep the Magic Edit tool available at all times in your browser bar.

Using Magic Edit with Your Shopify Store

To begin using Magic Edit, simply go to your website! Once you're there, you'll see the Magic Edit icon in your browser bar display "SHOP" indicating the site you're visiting is on the Shopify platform. As you browse the web, you may see the icon display "BC" for BigCommerce, "WP" for WordPress, and "T" for Turbify.

If you're logged out of your Shopify store, you will be prompted to log in the first time you interact with Magic Edit.

By interacting with the Magic Edit tool, you can perform various functions, which will be detailed throughout this help document, starting with the Jump To menu.

The Jump To menu allows you to quickly access the Products, Customers, Orders, Inventory, Collections, Blog, or Pages area in the backend of your Shopify store.

If you're looking to add something new to your Shopify store, you'll want to use the Add menu which will take you directly to the proper page in your store's backend to create a new Product, Collection, Blog Post, or Page.

If you're on a page that you want to edit, such as a product page, by clicking on the Edit button, that page will open in the Shopify editor so you can make changes to the page right away.

Other Tools and Resources

Magic Edit also contains several useful tools and resources store owners may find useful for store management and performance testing.

The Tools menu of Magic Edit contains links to other Your Store Wizards tools and apps.

The Tests menu gives you quick access to run a Google Page Speed Insight test on the current page you're visiting, run a rich results test, validate schema, and more.

The Resources menu gives you quick access to platform-specific websites such as the support portal, system status website, platform blog, and more.

If you need help using Magic Edit, need to report a bug, or request additional features, simply click the Help icon and you'll be taken directly to our support portal.

Supported Functions with Shopify

Magic Edit supports the following functions:

  • Jump to Products
  • Jump to Customers
  • Jump to Orders
  • Jump to Inventory
  • Jump to Collections
  • Jump to Blog Posts
  • Jump to Pages
  • Add new Product
  • Add new Collection
  • Add new Blog Post
  • Add new Page
  • Edit existing Item
  • Edit existing Category
  • Edit existing Blog Post

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